bro.mance (n, informal) A close but nonsexual relationship between two men. [c21: a blend of bro(ther) + romance]
Bromance is a dance work about the antics of men’s relationships. From childhood mischief through to adult relations, brotherhood is a lifelong negotiation of trust and honour laden with competition and responsibility. Brotherly love has a huge impact on men’s lives and their understanding of love. Inspired by co-choreographers Alisdair Macindoe and Adam Synnott’s experiences of brotherhood, Bromance is a trip into the psyche of two twenty-something-year-old brothers travelling through a minefield of nostalgia on a road to manhood.\

Diredction / Choreography / Sound Design/ Lighting Design / Performer - Alisdair Macindoe

Choreography / Lighting Design / Performer - Adam Synnott

Performers - Lee Serle & Jay Robinson

Costume - Paula Levis

Images - Heidrun Löhr

Video Footage - Sam James