A Pre-emptive Requiem for Mother Nature


The diversity of our species makes it pretty hard to find common ground as a whole, but one thing all we share is our connection to the natural world. From this perspective we are essentially all the same; Humans. If we were able to perceive ourselves like we do a flock of birds, or the sound of howling wind, this perspective would be stronger and I imagine our sense of connectedness would become greater. Many of us are striving to become more connected through the use of technology, with technology essentially becoming an extension of the homo sapiens form; an evolution of our physicality. This piece is inspired by the idea that there could be a severance point between our form and our identity referred to in so many different ways; The Second Coming, The Last Imam, Judgment Day, the omega point, singularity, the technocalyps etc.

I have chosen to work with the first movement of Polish composer Henryk Goreki’s third symphony written in 1976. In this movement the lyrics are a 15th-century Polish Lamentation of the Holy Cross Monastery from the "Lysagóra Songs" collection, written from the perspective of Mary, mother of Jesus. 
"My son, my chosen and beloved Share your wounds with your mother And because, dear son, I have always carried you in my heart, And always served you faithfully Speak to your mother, to make her happy, Although you are already leaving me, my cherished hope."
To me this mother/offspring relationship is so similar to our relationship with nature, and reflects perfectly the sentiment I wish to express through this work; how profoundly deep and yet fleeting and fragile our connection is with nature. 

Alisdair Macindoe - Direction / choreography / video / costume

Harrison Hall, Mason Kelly, Jenni Large, Ashley McLellan-Performers / Choreography

Henryk Goreki - Composer

Govin Ruben - Set / Lighting

Amber Haines - photography